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Security Assessments


   Physical security comes down to minding your P’s- People, Places, Policies, and Procedures all working together as a synergistic system. AOC takes a holistic approach, weaving together the people you hire and train, the barriers and technology at your places of business, and the security policies and procedures you already employ or need help creating.  

Travel Risk Management

travel risk management

Organizations with traveling and expatriate workers have a legal and moral Duty of Care obligation to take prudent measures to reduce foreseeable risks to those employees or volunteers. Establishing a well thought out Travel Risk Management program goes a long way to meeting Duty of Care. Whether you are a rapidly growing multinational company or an NGO, we can help you develop and implement Travel Risk Management. 

Corporate Counterintelligence


Innovative companies often see 65% or more of their total value directly tied to their intellectual property. Adversarial nation states and competing corporations will stop at nothing to steal your IP. Reported losses in the USA alone are in the billions of dollars annually, with unnreported trade secret losses globally even higher. Foreign and corporate spies think you are easy pickings. Our sophisticated counterintelligence-based techniques help prove them wrong.

Travel Risk Assessments


Is that dream destination a nightmare waiting to happen? London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Mumbai, and other popular business and vacation locations have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. 

Contact AOC before you go for a real-world, up to date Travel Risk Assessment. We are connected with multiple international resources to let you know before you go.

Atmospheric Intelligence


  Simply stated, Atmospheric Intelligence is Ground Truth. Your enterprise is looking to expand into an under developed country. It seems like a win-win for all, but no one has talked to the locals, discussed their political, economic, and social issues. No one has set the stage for your entry into their world.   

Special Forces have done this for decades. AOC's SF veterans are experts at cross cultural communication and we can open the door for you.  

Open Source Intelligence


Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT, becomes more vital every day. Among the reasons Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and everyday businesses use OSINT is to vet new hires, monitor brand image, plug leaks, and study the competition.  

OSINT is so much more than looking at Twitter and Facebook posts. Our intelligence experts dive into the Deep Web and Dark Web to protect you.

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