security assessments




Thinking like the Adversary

  Many security companies claim to take an “outside in” approach to your physical security. AOC’s professional consultants have actually planned and executed offensive combat operations against defended targets. In Red Team exercises we have successfully taken down high profile national security targets like naval bases, military airfields, and special weapons storage facilities.    

When AOC assesses your site, we really do look at it from an attacker’s point of view. However, we’re on your team. After determining how a professional adversary would come at you, we switch gears and apply our expertise to stop them.   

While terrorism is often the most dangerous threat, we also understand that in many locations it is not the most likely. AOC employs industry best practices to assess your vulnerability and risk to the full threat spectrum.   

 Our holistic approach involves a multi-layered, defense-in-depth. This includes Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), access controls, staffing and training, security management, and numerous other factors. We will look at your existing security policies and procedures, and recommend changes where needed. 

Helping you meet your Duty of Care obligations

  Duty of Care can be defined as a requirement that a person or organization act toward others and the public with the watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person would use in similar circumstances. Most western countries have laws on the books relating to Duty of Care. Therefore, employers not only have a moral Duty of Care responsibility to their employees, but a legal one as well.

The best way to meet Duty of Care requirements is through an integrated risk management strategy. This is exactly the approach AOC takes in our Security Assessments.

Actively listening to you, our client, is always the first step in an AOC Security Assessment. Detailed conversations and interviews with stakeholders across the enterprise initiate the process. Whether you are a global corporation, a single site business, or a high net worth individual concerned with residential or family office security, your input is vital.

AOC applies our methodology across industries to help our clients meet their Duty of Care obligations. A confident and secure workforce is a more productive and satisfied workforce.