Open Source Intelligence

OSINT—Critical to Risk Assessment and Due Diligence


In the modern hyper-connected world, the amount of available information is staggering. Our analysts have the training, techniques, and tools to sift through mountains of useless noise to find those vital missing puzzle pieces.  

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Playing both defense and offense


By definition, Open Source Intelligence is “available”, but it is not always lying on the surface like a shiny coin waiting to be found. Often a deep dive into the deep web and dark web is required to find those key pieces of information that bring the picture into focus.   

In business, OSINT is most often used as a reactive, or defensive tool. Brand and reputation protection, and identifying threats and information leaks are some common applications. However, there is an often overlooked proactive, or offensive application.   

  Collecting available, but more importantly, relevant information is a critical due diligence requirement. Corporate Counterintelligence, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and new market entry are just a few areas where proactive OSINT adds value.  

Making sense of it all


  The information pipeline is huge and it is easy for a company to drown in irrelevant data. This is where AOC comes in. Our analysts are experts at separating what’s relevant from the noise. Decisions require clear data coherently presented.   

Delivered online, or presented in person as professional intelligence briefings, an AOC OSINT product always puts the bottom line up front. Key decision makers have access to our analysts to ask those important follow up questions. We never drop a report in your lap and call it a day.   

Intelligence is only as good as the analysis that went into it, and our analysts are the best in the business. Yet, you always have the option of receiving raw information for your own analysis. Everything we do is based on client requirements.