Corporate counterintelligence

Everyone has Cyber Security. Do you have Spy Security?

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of innovation. Often it takes years and tens of millions, or even billions of dollars of R&D to go to market with a disruptive competitive edge. Conservative estimates state that the most innovative companies can see 65% or more of their total value tied directly to their IP or other proprietary competitive advantages.   

360 Degree Threat Environment

Your competitors would love nothing better than to steal your innovations on the cheap.

Nation state actors targeting you with the full force of their national intelligence services, unscrupulous private sector companies, and freelance corporate spies are the opposition. Some of these adversaries may be attending your next trade show or academic presentation.    

They may already be working for you.

Over half of all exiting employees download proprietary information, client lists, and other IP before they walk out the door. The usual intent is to improve their entry into their next jobs. These aren’t even the people who were recruited or intentionally planted in your midst to spy on you.

The full impact is not publicly known. Understandably, most corporate victims don’t go public. The damage to brand, stock price, and public good will could be catastrophic.  

Stop them in their tracks

Based on years of sensitive military and corporate experience, we bring full spectrum Corporate Counterintelligence operations to your defense. 

Critical is detailed consultation with you so we can customize exactly what you need. Especially in this field, one size never fits all.    

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