Atmospheric Intelligence

Your challenge


Expansion into new markets is never a guaranteed success in the best of circumstances.  Neither is maintaining operations when you are unsure of the human terrain around you.  When that market is a developing country where political instability, corruption, conflict, the economy, and food security are ever present challenges, the task becomes exponentially more difficult. If your industry is viewed by the public or press as controversial, the difficulties mount. Due diligence just became as real as it gets.   

Your Ground Truth experts


Atmospheric Intelligence is information collected in country, on the ground, face to face. It is not only identifying key players at governmental, local, and often tribal levels, but it is also understanding the sentiments of the people, their needs and concerns, and what may persuade them in one direction or another. 

AOC’s personnel are experts in cross cultural communication, key leader engagements, and information collection. Frankly, this is a Special Forces core competency. We’ve done this all over the world in the most uncertain and hostile environments imaginable. 

Deploying into your area of concern, we identify the key players, establish relationships, and address information requirements. 



Information is meaningless without analysis. Only after analysis does information become intelligence—the intelligence you need to make those critical decisions that could impact share price for years to come.   


AOC’s analysts are the best in the field, drawn from Military Intelligence and Special Operations units. You receive fully analyzed intelligence, professionally briefed in person to your selected stakeholders.   


As your project progresses, we offer continued intelligence and analytical support to keep you apprised of what is always a dynamic situation.